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You can always rely on its quality and consistent selection



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The Kings Garden foundation is built on Quality and Creativity. With massive industrial cultivation facilities under management, Kings Garden prides itself on reliability and ingenuity, Kings Garden is 100% legal and compliant, and only operates for licensed entities in the State of California. We endorse creativity at all levels, so we are constantly evolving our ideation from seed to sale. Our team consists of cultivators with 100+ years of combined experience. They not only know how to innovate but also how to execute flawlessly on a massive production scale without any sacrifice in quality control. To ensure we are providing the highest-quality product to dispensaries across the state of California, we complete Triple Lab Tests on every harvest grown in a Kings Garden premises. If it was grown here, we stand by it. And when our products make it into the hands of our patients, we want them to latch onto the beauty of our design. We take great pride in the look of our boutique line — including BEST, SEASONAL and CHOICE strands — which we’re honored to provide to the patients in need. We hope you enjoy the spoils of Kings Garden.


To improve human health, it is our duty

to be innovative and to respond to the needs of patients, doctors, pharmacists and partners.

Kings Garden’s everyday selections.The go-to for well-known strains and flavors. CHOICE includes familiar options for guaranteed consistency and reliability.
Kings Garden’s most flavorful flower.
Get adventurous and explore SEASONAL, an exciting selection of hard-to-find tastes. From Citrus Sap to Thin Mint, find the flavor that fits you.
Kings Garden’s premiere line of flower.Indulge in ultimate quality. BEST includes original cuts from Cannabis Cup winners and highest-ranking strains from across the world.

Medical innovation from our pharmaceutical research

continues to help patients live longer, healthier,

and more productive lives.

Why do they call it 'alternative medicine'

when it is the 'original medicine' that humans have been using for thousands of years.

- Grigory Rasputin

Ho·lis·tic health 

Holistic health (or holistic medicine) is a diverse field of alternative medicine

in which the "whole person" is focused on, not just the malady itself.


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You can always rely on our quality and consistent selection!